PEAR TREE Avian Sanctuary provides placement for unwanted psittacines.  We rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out relinquished parrots.  In extreme cases we offer a permanent home.  PEAR TREE offers parrot owners education and assistance with basic bird care, nutrition and behavior issues.

Parrot Education, Adoption, & Rehabiliation (PEAR) serves as a temporary sanctuary facility for exotic birds.  At PEAR TREE we strive to educate about the responsibilities of companion parrot ownership, as well as proper care techniques.  When a bird owner is unable to keep their pet, we provide the means to find a loving, suitable new home.

Is Your Parrot Driving you Crazy?!?  Need Help?

We stay very busy here at PEAR TREE; therefore, time is very limited for adoptions and behavior counseling.  PEAR TREE's primary focus is public education and avian behavior work.  We often host educational programs in local classrooms, and visit private homes in need of assistance with avian behavior modication.  If the need arises, we will also try to help with avian placements.  Currently, we are unable to accept any birds.  We run a small facility and our space is occupied by several severe rescue cases that have become permanent residents and education animals. 

If you need assistance with your companion parrot - please be patient!  Unfortunately, running a non-profit rescue is a labor of love and these are difficult economic times.  I work full-time for Dickerson Park Zoo and my schedule is crazy from April through the end of October. Beyond that, like any other normal person, I try to have a personal life with my family and friends. I do want to help with your situation, and I will do my best to get you scheduled, but I ask that you be patient and flexible with me.

More About PEAR TREE:

PEAR TREE Avian Sanctuary was incorporated in the state of Missouri on February 8, 2005 and is a Federal 501(c)3, non-profit charitable organization.

PEAR TREE serves Southwest Missouri and surrounding areas; including parts of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


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